Make your events and seminars in Fez the oldest of the four imperial cities of Morocco.

Fes is a city full of history, it is the cultural and spiritual heart of the country, imbued with the Arab-Muslim spirit it is on the list of the must-see cities in Morocco.

Its Moorish architectural wonders can draw your imagination on a journey in the 13th and 14th centuries, during the time of the merinid dynasty.

Fes is the ideal destination for your next event in Morocco, a place conducive to reflection and putting into perspective.

Indeed the symbolic side of the city, its prestigious historical context and the strategic position that the city occupied, could make this destination a suitable theater to evoke the future of your company, share your strategy and to weld your collaborators.

Lose yourself in an afternoon in the medina of the biggest city in the world: a world heritage heritage of Unesco, and visit the oldest university in the world: The mosque-university Al Quaraouiyine. also proposes a journey through time during the visiting programs we organize by discovering the various souks and fondouks (caravanserais: Parts serving at the time either of warehouse or of inn for the travelers), the Médrasas: former Koranic schools served as boarding school for the students, but also the numerous palaces and mosques of the medina.

We propose to enhance your stays in Fez numerous activities and programs: Theatrical stagings with decor and costumes to fan the best of your collaborators and awaken their talents of improvisation during a journey in time.

Workshops kitchens to discover and learn the secrets of Moroccan cuisine, treasure hunts in Fes-El-bali or horseback riding on the Zalagh and Tghatt mountains … and many other possibilities that can adapt to your needs and The primary objective of your next event (to share, solder, stimulate, reward …)

For your accommodation: whether in luxurious ryads and palaces or in hotels, we will offer you the most unusual places always ensuring your well-being and comfort. As far as catering is concerned, Fez is known for its gastronomic heritage, we will endeavor to enchant your taste buds and those of your guests during lunches and dinners proposed in the ryads and restaurants of the city.

Our team will make sure to offer you the best plans of Fez and will take care to ensure you the best of services.

For your work sessions and meetings we will leave you the choice to realize them either in the rooms that offers your place of residence or in more original places: Palaces dating from the time (The Palace Mnebhi, the palace Bathapour and well Others), in caidal tents, and many other places …

Our ultimate goal is to guarantee you a successful event adapted to your requirements and your wishes, but also to amaze your guests and collaborators.

Your DMC in Fez offers you to discover the pure Moroccan tradition during a stay combining historical discovery, challenge and conviviality!